Fashion Owl


Fall is almost here! It is my favorite season for boots, accessories, and layering!! Here are a few items I have been eyeing up lately…

1. Blouse, Anthropologie. Even before Kate Middleton donned it at the royal wedding, I have been obsessed with lace.

2. Watch, Marc Jacobs. I have been looking for the perfect gold watch…at last!

3. Pixie Pant, J Crew. I already have two pairs of black already…more colors PLEASE!!!

4. Bangle, J Crew. Bracelets are by far one of my favorite accessories. Mix and match all the fun colors! I like to wear my bracelets in odd-numbered sets (1, 3, 5, or 7 at a time).

5. Riding Boots, Kelsi Dagger. I’m still looking for a good pair of black leather riding boots, but when I came across these…I forgot what I was initially looking for!!

6. Leather Satchel, Coach. LOVE. I will use this forever!!!

Labor Day in Lititz


The initial idea was to take my 7-year-old, Gabe to Washington, D.C. for the day but I was deterred by the thought of holiday traffic. Instead, we headed over to Lititz, Pennsylvania to take a tour of the Wilbur Chocolate Factory (not forgetting to stock up on wilber buds) followed by good eats at the Freeze and Frizz just across the street. We even stopped at the grocery store on the way home to grab a pint of real artisian sorbetto and gelatto made by Gelato Di Babbo, handmade in none other than…(you guessed it) Lititz! Despite the rain and change of plans, we had a blast!! 

More than Superficial Delight

We’ve all had it. It’s often uncontrollable and contagious. You catch it when you see a pair of shoes that match your new dress but the hundred pairs in your closet just won’t do. It’s that feeling you get when you see all of your favorite celebrities carrying the same designer bag and you just have to have it. It’s that moment between going into a store for one thing and walking out with a cart full–the case of the gimmes, or as I also like to call it, the gimme-gimmes!

I don’t believe the gimmes are always bad. I like to associate them with positive goals and inspirations; hence my reasoning for starting this fashion and lifestyle blog. As a full-time mother and professional, I want to spend the little time I do have for myself in a constructive and enjoyable way. This is an outlet to satisfy my need for creativity and express my love of fashion and exploration.

Here’s to the gimmes!