For starters; I am a mother, daughter, sister, and friend. I finally finished college and am working full-time trying balance family and work. I thrive on being busy but I love to take time out in order to share experiences and moments with the people I love despite how crazy life can get (and believe me, they do). 

So amid the madness, in an effort to find a creative outlet to express the things I love and desire, I have developed caseofthegimmes! I will experiment with photography, fashion, crafts, cooking, and music; as well as sharing my adventures and simple moments in life.

As you may have gathered in my first post, caseofthegimmes isn’t just about THINGS, it’s also about making special moments in life happen that are more valuable and priceless than any article of clothing or pair of shoes. I hope my readers can relate to and feel inspired by my posts. I welcome any feedback, comments, and questions. Enjoy!



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