What an incredible year this has been! I graduated from college, accepted a job that is relevant to my major, met awesome new people, started my blog site, helped my son enjoy his “Best Christmas EVER,” and rung in the new year on a positive note. I am so thankful that I have reached so many of my goals in just one year. Many, many thanks to my family and friends for their support–I am truly blessed!

The one thing I haven’t done yet is make a new years resolution. Personally, it has never been a big deal to me because I set personal goals for myself all the time. One of my goals, however, is to challenge myself by fully committing to this site and expanding my creative horizons.

2012 has been very exciting for me so far. I am moving into an apartment on my own for the first time ever! I will be adapting to my new budget, which should make for interesting posts in the future, as I learn thrifty ways of staying stylish, coming up with fun things to do, and experimenting with DIY projects for our new place!

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Thank you for your support!