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May your days be merry and bright in the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle. I like to avoid shopping crowds like the plague because this time of year can bring out the crazy in people. Having experience working in retail, I know how chaotic things can get, so the last place I want to be is at the mall. When a dress I ordered online for my company’s holiday party didn’t work out, I had no other choice!

I really had my hopes set on this dress that is simple, versatile, and pretty but the fit was too big and unflattering. Highly disappointed, I begrudgingly pulled into the parking lot of the mall, doubtful of what the stores had to offer. The first store was all amiss, only heightening my level of frustration, but the next store quickly turned that around.

Francesca’s Collections is one of my favorite stores at the mall. It reminds me of a small clothing boutique that makes me forget where I really am. Instantly relieved by the atmosphere alone, I began to peruse the racks, picking up at least 10 dresses on my way to the fitting room. Once I closed the curtain to begin trying on the dresses, I already knew I was going to have a hard time making a decision.

This is not the only time I’ve had a hard time making a decision. In general, I have a hard time making decisions largely because I do not like limitations (this can make ordering food at a restaurant very stressful). I should have thought of bringing a friend with me, but of course, I didn’t. Luckily, technology came into play and I was able to consult with friends after all. 🙂

Which one would you choose? Stay tuned to find out which dress I took home, making me a very happy and relieved gal!