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I’ve been having so much fun getting crafty with the family lately. From drawing creative fortresses to making friendship bracelets together; I find myself getting hooked on coming up with more fun things for us to do.

In light of the season, the most obvious choice is pumpkin carving! We all enjoyed carving out jack-O-lanterns and I couldn’t resist making my own pumpkin owl. If you are interested in creating your own pumpkin owl, good luck in finding white pumpkins. Apparently, they are very popular (at least in my area). Note for next year: Buy early!

Fang and Jacki by Xavier and Gabe

Trick or Treat!

Jack-o-lantern Skellington by Alexander Lefever

Jack'owl'antern by yours truly

I forgot to grab toothpicks for the ears and feet, but I improvised, and even added wings! Now, if only I could be just as creative in coming up with a Halloween costume…