As much as I am looking forward to fall, there are some things I am certainly going to miss:

1. Cookouts, fire pits, and expanding my palate. Hotdogs, shish kabobs, and roasted marshmallows never taste as good at any other time of the year. This past summer, I picked my own crab and conquered my fear of those slimy looking things in shells (clams) with a little help and encouragement from some close friends.

2. Bug watching. Anyone who knows me knows that I am terrified of bugs. This summer, however, I got a little closer to some “cute” bugs that didn’t cause me as much anxiety.

3. Sunsets at the Chesapeake Bay. St. Michaels, MD was the perfect summer getaway. I was able to recharge my soul with simple, yet breathtaking moments like this.

4. Aromatic enchantment. Beautiful flowers, fresh cut grass, and coconut are scents which give me that summertime sensation. Mmm…

5. Strolls in the park. I love scoping out the animal and plant life, throwing frisbee, and enjoying a picnic on the plush, green grass – especially with my most favorite person in the world!